Friday, February 4, 2011

The Higher Plains of Passion’s Art

The higher plains of passion’s art
Where lovers tread on petals
Those places of singing delights
As the listing of the ships navigating clouds
Throws bodies together for rapturous embraces
Only the cry of the songbirds confused by rain
Can better augment the soaring dance of love
When kinships formed of rapture
Lead the misbegotten to hope
We are who we need to be
But only when hearts meld with souls
The angry static from brains must be purified
By the lingering sentiment of childhood’s honest faith
Leave the trivial for other days
Take forever into the mist 
And emerge on the other side of a purity
Born of making love
Keep close to the laughter
Don’t let dawn stray into eternal night
Stand for seconds but prance for hours
You are the Gods and Goddesses that are meant
For all to celebrate
Honor yourself by gladly giving of your smiling honest lust for life
Let no myth tear you asunder
The higher plains of passions’ art calls

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