Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Only Way to Fly

There I am on the other side
I’ve crossed through the looking glass
What a fun journey!
Worth two (2) exclamation points!!
Living to not drink another day
Passing by grief and sadness and depression
Not stopping for the offal
Glad of blessed tidings
Trying to share life’s bounty
Not always sure how
Wondering at the petty
Laughing, always laughing
Trying to remember kind words
Both given and received
Dazzled by beauty
Luxuriating in art
Tender touches and rapturous greetings
Back on this side I see that there’s much to be done
Time, effort and expense
Duty and debts equating long hard work
Finding the happiness in fulfilling these obligations
Obligations to life
So much to wrap around on either side
Both are bright sides where glasses are half full
Three quarters even
Chins up and stiff upper lips and happy days
The only way to fly

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