Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nasty Political Cartoon

(A found poem using comments from an online CNN story.)
Ignore him
Nothing he says bears even the slightest resemblence
To truth or reality
Michelle is a biscut away from being 
Lets say plump
No ideas, no results, no Love of Country
Suck it up! 
Everybody gets a good going over in politics
If the heats too hot
Then get out of the kitchen!
She is a fat cow
Who is reaping the vacations and 
Eating to high heaven
Once again, the underbelly of America 
Shows itself to the world
And let's be honest- America is FAT! 
Everybody is fat
For all her talk about eating healthy.....has anyone seen 
The size of her butt?? 
Liberals always get their undies in a bunch 
Over a little political fun
Sociopaths and comedy
They just don't go together
Why is government the solution for everything 
Even lack self-control
This is exactly why I think 
Liberals are lower that worm poop
She should keep her mouth shut at the dinner table 
And in the press
Oh, I forgot
You're an ignorant idiot 
Whose brain goes blank after the first two pages 
Of Dick and Jane
Haters gonna hate

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