Wednesday, February 9, 2011

So Far, Lucky

I have been loved and I have been hated
But I’ve never been decapitated
I have been in charge and I have been bossed
But this precious head I’ve never lost
I have been slapped and I have been kissed
But the part atop my shoulders has never been missed
I have laughed and I have cried
Yet for all these years I’ve not yet died
I have felt love and I’ve felt pain
But I still possess my original brain
I have stumbled and I have danced
But my head has never been lanced
Oh I’ve had feelings from far and wide
I’ve tasted victory and feelings of pride
Oh I’ve felt mighty and oh so great
And I’ve curled into a ball feeling second rate
Through all these moments of woe and elation
I’ve really only experienced one sensation:
Life is grand in all its wonder
But losing one’s head would be an awful blunder
So I’ll keep mine right where it sits
Living without a head would be the pits

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