Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our Country Tis of Thee

Cut taxes
Reign in spending
Loosen government control of businesses
Beef up the military
Stricter enforcement of immigration laws
Emphasis on family values
Small town values
Middle American values
Let the infrastructure crumble
Eliminate the social safety net
Give the rich and corporations all they want
All they need
And more
Cut public transportation
Cut education funding
Maintain discriminatory policies against gays
Screw civil liberties
Only businesses need freedom
Attack and plunder our perceived international enemies
Find a pretext
Drag America back to the 19th century
Let’s have a corporate oligarchy
Dumb down politics
Appeal to the lowest common denominator
Demonize all opponents
Demonize educational elites
Diet cokes
God bless America
The land of the fat

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