Friday, November 5, 2010

All is Possible

I saw a crimson trail of nothing
Peaking out of the deep blue sky
Significant of differences that are never felt
All those clouds of energy
Are waiting to burst
Raining down on us the gift of life
Be ready to receive and then to give
There is so much to be done
We cannot stop
No waiting
Progress, hope, wrapped together
Like the tail at the end of yesterday
Needing to be grabbed
Dream always even if just for a moment
Entertain your fantasies before dealing with the realities
It can get mighty dark here 
Be the light
The bright shining truth obscuring the twisted messages
Be the change you wish to promote
You just need to look up and acknowledge the truth
That is wrapped within the stars and a shining moon
On a cold autumn night
In the deepest recesses of your quiet hungry mind
If you do that
You are with God

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