Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Learn to Wait

“I have a friend I’ve never seen, he hides his head inside a dream.” From “Only Love Can Break Your Heart” by Neil Young.
Can’t wait to start middle school
Can’t wait to start high school
Can’t wait to start college
Can’t wait to get a job
Can’t wait to get married
Can’t wait to buy a house
Can’t wait to have children
Can’t wait for the children to grow up
Can’t wait to retire
Can’t wait to die
Redolent of past deaths
Pick up your empty scabbard
Rattle it rattle it
Change your heart
Face the forces and grab at clouds
Defy the whispering winds that call you
Unto a new day be born
As a being of depth and meaning
Rail at the wrongs and make them right
Hop to
You musn’t live by rote
Memorize your dreams 
Don’t rely on your blueprints 
Dwell on the everdayness of soaring
And light the candles of the great sweeping fullness of eternal smoky joy
You deserve the best
Only you need to know it
Call now while supplies last

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