Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Thank you to my lovely wife
Because of you I have a wonderful life
Thank you to my late great dad
You’re the best father anyone ever had
Thank you to my daughters dear
I’m so lucky that you are here
Thank you to the Bears of Cal
Win or lose you’re a real pal
Thank you to the Giants of baseball
I’m still so happy that you won it all
Thank you to my brother and his clan
Of you all I’m a real fan
Thank you to friends here and there
Life without you I couldn’t bear
Thank you to the artists I adore
Your music, books and films I love to explore
Thank you world for my good health
It’s more important than financial wealth
Thank you readers of these humble lines
Thanks to you my heart  still shines
A Happy Thanksgiving to everyone
Here’s hoping for a day of food and fun

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