Friday, November 26, 2010

Possessing the Bone

Patterns of clarity with the shuffling minds
Acting surprised at ordinary finds
Copper skinned girls dancing alone
The righteous and mighty are possessing the bone
Are we God’s illusions on a star filled night
Or do we simply belong to the bright shining light
Should we be looking under stars or streams
Or is everything we need gamboling in dreams
We go on daily pushing bravely ahead
Is is because angels our cases have plead
To what do we owe the graces we receive
And whom do we blame for the times that we grieve
Need we ponder these mysteries ascertain he unknown
Or might we be better served just holding the bone
The obvious the clear and the oh so plain
Are the very things that might drive us insane
Hoping for visions answers and cures
Are just some of life’s temptations some of the lures
Copper skinned girls please let me dance too
Help lighten my cares it’s the least you can do
Afterwards maybe we’ll love and we’ll moan
The righteous and mighty are possessing the bone

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