Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Season of Reward

Cheering throngs on grandstands of ecstasy
The clamoring and crowing resounding forever
Strangers are now beloved companions
Joining in rapturous dances of glee
It started with...
The white ball soaring heavenward
Awestruck at capricious fortunes
Dripping sweat
Tension toying with every fiber
Relief at the end of the day
But another comes
And another
A parade of days
The bitter bile and the sweet honey alternate
As laughter mixes with tears
Dust flying swirling men twirling
Balls out of reach if only just
Arms like rocket boosters
Churning legs desperate to get to the next destination
Angry disputes with spittle flying 
Wizened whiskered men directing the young
Long thin lumber swung like a might wand
Trying to defy the whip like curving balls
All the action and tumult interrupted by periods of tedium
Victors and vanquished
Still it is the mighty cry that resonates
For sometimes final rewards are bestowed
The grandeur fully realized as one collection of players stands alone
Love for the team is unrequited no more
Bliss that extends to the end of our days
Seasons worth of disappointment forgotten
Rewarded at last
It happens
Cheering throngs celebrate
Our lads are Gods!

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