Monday, November 29, 2010

What Does Judi Dench Smell Like?

What does Judi Dench smell like
I don’t know and I don’t care
Where are the drivers taking us
Are we going here or staying there
Are the roads less traveled clean
Or do they have a certain tint about them
One that can’t be explained you know
By ordinary minds
Not that Clark Gable would care --
Name dropper --
If I were to interrupt a soliloquy to buy you a bottle of rum
Because there are always things best left unsaid
Like marriage proposals
Unless you’ve found
I saw a potato that looked like Jeanne Moreau
That, that was an interesting day
After all, there’s no accounting for wastes
Unless you’re tripping over the very adverbs you’ve
Been warned about
Please let us congratulate those winning candidates
Wish them God’s speed
(He is quite fast, you know)
So I was saying to Gene Hackman
Over tea and crumpets
But of course none of this is any more real
Than the question I started with
*Sniff sniff*

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