Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Truth About Facts

Hey you:
The precise cold hard facts
The minutia and details
The fine print
The irrefutable empirical evidence
The verified
The statistically proven
The well established
Widely known
The inarguable
Tested shown over and over again to be the case
You, all of you
It is to you I speak
Your greatness crumbles, tumbles and comes to nothing
In the face of
A song
A poem
A novel
A dance
Yes, the merest couplets or littlest ditty
Or shortest short story
Have infinite power 
The wonderfully prosaically crush all opposition
Except, of course, for the kiss
And even the hug is mightier
The act of love superior
But the creative imagination
And tender affection
Reveal more about our lives
Than you can begin to fathom
They tell more about our world
Then you’ll ever know
Nice try facts, you have your place
Sometimes you can be added up to comprise truth
More often your uses are limited
It is art and love that reign supreme
In any heaven on this earth
I’m sure you understand

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