Thursday, November 18, 2010

Foggy Night Passion

Rites of passage under cloud cover
When clocks chime and lovers purr
The tingling dancing of cute little feet
On nightstands of wooden security
Iambic pentameter is off for the singers
Of songs proclaiming affection’s desires
Kisses long and loud and deep
Ease the catastrophic fear of alone
Capering about nude and happy
Fighting of desperation’s chill
Creating heat
A measure of love so gracious
Cannot pass without giving luminescence
To the bravado of seduction
Long deep sleeps await
But first the comforting caress
Of two perhaps more bodies
Enraptured by the idea of physical bliss
And undoing of restraint precedes
The shiny happiness of passion
Beauty beauty beauty
Everywhere and in everything the beholder admires
Eyes ears lips tongues and especially the nether regions
Proclaim a triumph of the flesh
On this most foggy night
Of love’s desire

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