Monday, November 8, 2010

Let’s Get it On

I tear at the very fabric of society
With claws of steal
I pull asunder all that is deemed holy
I respect humanity
But not its false Gods
Not its false constructs
I rip apart the rules that constrict
I venerate what gives life and succor
I am the superman of unconventionality
I spit huge phlegm-filled wads directly in the eye
Of constricting, stifling, creativity-killing defenders of repression
I punch grab and kick
At all attempts to define morality
I call a fatwa on
All socially conservative puritanical defenders 
Of lust killing Old Testament-thumping
God-fearing prudes
I hail and cheer on
All harmless fun loving lovers of love and life
Entangling their bodies in pure unadulterated rapture
Knowing ecstasy
Let us shun the oppressors 
Ands their naked attempts to stop naked attempts
To explore physical love
We can do better people
Let’s get it on!

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