Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Who We Are

Who am I
Not always been sure
Am I who you see me as
Or you
Am I what I say
Or what I do
Am I what I’ve done
Or what I’m doing
Am I the only person I’ve ever been
Or is there more to the story
Am I my memories
And what if I’ve mis-remembered
If I can’t be sure who I am
How can I know another
How can I come to understand you
For who are you
Surely not how I see you
There’s so much more
So does it matter
How well do we need to know
One another
If we can’t be sure of ourselves
Motives must be considered too
Why do we need to know
Secrets are stored away so deep
We’ll never find them
Pictures out of focus
Sins of omission
We are reflections of all and everything
People and events and places and
Most of all
We are fascinating
Endlessly so

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