Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Dangers

The Happy Dangers that we choose to ignore
Are respectable proper and suggest beauty galore
The lifetime of rusty scenes of trains
We utter about in lonely sad refrains
Thus there’s much that most of us can ignite
If we chose the path of love not fright
Go you South, West, North or East
By your happy trampings you’ll tame the beast
Never doubt that goodness can shine like lust
If you purify, cleanse and wipe away the dust
Be glad for birds that swim and fish that fly
For a symphony is easy if dragons sigh
I know not what you dream
Perhaps of soup, candy or cream
Do your darndest every night and day
To scrutinize lovers for what they say
Play games laugh loudly and dance
Have a hopping good time at every chance
Just remember that joy is all around
If you don’t see it, keep looking, it’ll be found

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