Friday, November 12, 2010


There’s no point returning to this dreary topic on this long Dickensian day the dark clouds portend more misery and so we look at lush carpets and wonder if tea will be served soon and if dusk will bring new sounds that resemble the peals of laughter so often coming from the playgrounds of hope or will despair return and claim us for the forces of melancholia despite our happy knit caps and the radiant desires that kiss us as we claim that better days will unfold do we know not of the destruction and absolution that causes souls to weep as stronger minds struggle with epic longings for curling up with loved ones who we choose in moments of madness when happiness seemed so ethereal and blessings flowered everywhere but here so perhaps talking is of no use and we must use our heart's desires to truly pursue the nexus at the end of the never world a place most amusing to all who dine there on sumptuous meals of creativity and oblique never ending calls of ecstasy during clandestine meetings and lost feelings for friends long past unless that gorgeous morning is reborn as the tumbling yelp of equity for all the creatures on the brighter side of life affirming meditative contemplations set securely in the wondrous impenetrable holiness redolent climbing and called forth under the rainy and everlasting pendulum you saw in your greatest happiest liturgy all praises to us everyone

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