Monday, November 15, 2010

The River of Your Dreams

On the river of your dreams
Floats the fragrant flowers
Of yesterday’s long lost loves
There under the willow sits the maiden
She who tempted you from her window
On snowy nights rich with loves promise
Flying overhead are robins of destiny
Foretelling voyages yet untaken
Full of starry nights in welcoming villages
Surrounding you are happy children
Dancing freely and singing joyously
As you offer a thousand smiles
To the wise bearded overseer of your fantasies
Calling you now in the rapturous voice
Are the soggy rabbits on sandbars of pure perfection
Their voices echo endlessly across the epic vistas
And you in your every sinew know that all good scenes are transparent
Through them you look deep
Deep into the heart of lustrous clouds
They fill the skies lending mysticism and wonder
Now every scene is pregnant with possibilities
Newness, possibility and beauty unexplored
The river of your dreams is endless
Requiring only your sleep
And your acceptance of the magic
That we all possess
In rich rich abundance

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