Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Peculiar angles pointing towards souls
Insipid behavior betraying men’s goals
An angry reflection of lopsided pasts
Interrupted by the pious ending their fasts
I stole a moment from the lap of the Gods
Only to witness a thousand jihads
The lackluster speeches of the dead and the dying
Reveal life’s obsession with lovers who are crying
They leap and the jump and they fall and they tumble
But we reflect on eras and how soon they crumble
A light year of thinking of nothing but love
Equates to the rustling in the wings of the dove
All of this imagery is constant and needed
Whether or not its messages are heeded
Amnesty, love and a heart most gracious
Offsets the wailing of the cruel and outrageous
We have little chance for good in this muddled old world
As long as bellicose nations keep their flags unfurled
Persistence and grit are healthy and glowing
The words of the wise are also worth knowing
Rally the troops for causes of grace
And you’ll be valued among the human race 

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