Thursday, September 23, 2010

America Circa Today

Abstract vistas and people pleasers
The teases of the sullen girl
Softly caressing what once was
As clouds lifting my dreams float heavenward
But candied contours ruffle the sweet sayings
Of dashing young men who ride
And the tidal basin is lost now to
The angry torrents of yesterday’s whims
I call for the geysers so redolent of my youth
Cries come from the masses 
They see only the stricken faces of the hungry
If the shimmering mirror is there at all
We try to celebrate the hopeful schemes
But burgundy stumbling blocks leave us ever grasping
For an eternal answer we do not want
How to weep when tears are dried
But the orb’s incessant waves
And the cacophony of the angry
Drowns out the clarity of the royalty
Usurpers have stolen the pearls
And dashed them against the jagged bitterness
We wander through this fetid land
Stunned but resilient and believing
That this was not the last of today
Or the end of our tomorrows

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