Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gilgamesh is waiting

Gilgamesh is waiting
I’m dubious
The dry leaves perhaps portend
A savage fire
Gilgamesh yet waits
The turn of another day
(For is it not like a circle)
Portend...I don’t know what
Just another occasion to weep
And wonder at the mightiness 
Of those nights
As Gilagmesh waits
But is there still confusion
About the shooting stars
Is there still wonder
That rocks live on
And on
Or are we satisfied with something
Living with a few others
To care about
By and by
Stop this my friend
For Gilgamesh waits
Still is the night
When death calls
A low rumble in the distance
And clouds unseen
While a bird cries out
There goes the silence
Disrupting the slumber of the innocent
And awakening a heart perhaps
To the dreadful time
Of not knowing
Those fires
Wait oh Gilgamesh, wait
And we wonder not

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