Monday, September 13, 2010

Our Hearts

Walking to the store on ebullient streams of gold
Crashing my mind over the woman so tall and lovely
Daring to think about what other’s deem passe
Pleasing no one but myself
And whoever dug the same scene
Flying to work on clouds rich with the honey
That made my life so sweet
Why ride with the loner
Or put porcelain cups of tea
When it was all here anyway
Just waiting for you to dance
On endless reams of love and wonder
As if the morning would bring anything but 
The purest heart and the best of the day’s
Kaleidoscopic visions of happiness
In the entrails of one sad slain beast
Who waits only for eternity 
While we kiss to the sounds of her hellos
And so I ask you once again
To take the journey of a million poems
To the center of all outer edges
And peer into the mad mad love of 
Our hearts

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