Monday, September 20, 2010

Silence is Golden

Prolonged silence interrupted by the noises of the night
The long perfection of quiet dies as a truck rumbles by
Insomniacs stir again when an ambulance’s siren cries
The howls of an alert and angry dog disturb the perfection of rustling branches
Soft winds are the movements of silence
A baby wails and bare feet pad on the tile
Now a meow from a tom cat forgetting his manners and place
The house creaks
The radio of a passing car is a loud offense at any time of day
Rise to stand before the toilet, the bladder leaks
Long happy quiet now
So beautiful to an ear assaulted all day
By the vulgarities of modern life
May be better to sleep during the restless shouting day
And be awake with the beauty of night’s aural vacuum

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