Thursday, September 16, 2010

La Dolce Vita

I’m a snob, an elite
I think a lot of myself
I’m cool and sophisticated
With fancy tastes
I’m the type to suffer
Fools badly
As a result I suffer
The pain of knowing so much
Being ahead of the game
Seeing the folly of others
Wised up to the ways of the world
It’s a burden, man
Cursed with knowledge
Self awareness can be a drag
Loving to be me
And hating the fool in you
Depressing at times
But baby oh baby I do persevere
I make do and make better
I dance and sing and do all those things
That make me happy and glad
Just to be
Know how to put that superiority out of my mind
For awhile anyway
Celebrate the fact that I am
Ignore the fact that you aren’t
I’m really something

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