Wednesday, September 22, 2010

No Huddling Masses Here

Hate your immigrants well
Your newcomers to America’s shores
Resent them and complain
Direct your venom and your bile
Let them be your scapegoat
Wave your fist at them
Lessons of love are wasted on 
The tired, weak, the huddles masses
Let them yearn elsewhere
Shoot to kill those who are illegal
Your degradations embolden others
Your exploitation sends a clear message
You’ve got the whip
Don’t let them drain your precious resources
You niggardly miser of every penny
Let your hate serve you well
Let it be the force that binds you with others
Like hateful
Drive messages of peace and tolerance away
They are for school children after all
You dwell in the real world
Where there is no patience for the meek
Hate them well
Rail against them
It is a tradition in this land
It is your birth right
You are the nativist
The keeper of bigotry’s flame
Roll on

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