Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Importance of Silence

When I had nothing to say I talked a lot
Positively bursting I was silent
The way the mind doesn’t work
When you don’t need it to
The way people are so oblivious
To who you really are
And don’t care anyway
I died the other day
And no one noticed
So here I am again
Hoping to catch your attention
This time around
There are only so many ways
I can fail to express
What I don’t think anyway
About matters of no concern
To anyone
Silly the way matters so serious
Are trivialized
While the mundane and awkward become like
Silences of long held lions roars
Out your name
And you wonder why I say nothing
About all I’ve got to say
So dream on my sweet little darlings
Of yesterdays blooming
And then end of tomorrow’s raindrops
Unless of course
It’s vitally important
You know what I mean

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