Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Sense of Knowing

I had the spirit once
That yesterday feeling that
That said it was all good
Or that it was all God
I forget which
But the sense was so strong
So powerful
That rights could slay the wrongs
And evil would bow before
The mightiness of justice
Oh how I thought
That believing in right
Could be enough
If you could just get everyone
Behind you
It was racing through my veins
And I had the sense of knowing
You dig
But the air was let out of my tires
By hurt and failure
And the losses that piled up
In the face of entrenched greed
How to overcome the fear that was spread
That was turned to anger
That made people bow
Before false idols
Turned inward
Hard to push on when odds mount
But if you do, if I do
Maybe the spirit comes back
Maybe that
That yesterday feeling
That said it was all good
Or that it was all God
Can come back
And spread again
Worth a shot

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