Thursday, September 2, 2010

Whatever Became of Me

I’ve gone again
I don’t where
Was here just a minute ago
What ever became of me?
I was a young man full of hope
Believed in...what did I call them?
My dreams
They were big
Positively huge
What ever became of me?
That young man with shoulder length hair
Chatting up all the girls
Was around and about and always on the go
Not ambitious really
Spent a lot of time waiting for the miracle
Wonder where I’m off to?
Why I didn’t stick around?
I saw someone like me in the mirror this morning
A resemblance, but so much older
Perhaps a bit wiser too but
Couldn’t be the same bloke
Me, I’m a young man full of pep
Ready to take on the world
But where the deuce am I
Why’d I disappear?
I wish I’d come back
People are expecting me
I’ve got so much to do
More places to go, more to learn
More to do
I’m sure I’ll turn up eventually
I’ve got to

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