Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Give Peace a Chance

I’m calling for a cutback on wars
Declaring them out of fashion
Out of style
A thing of yesteryear
Time to move on from the mass killing
(It’s really not so thrilling)
Let’s try peace instead
Put away the guns and ammo
No more kaboom and wham-oh
Dropping bombs is the last resort
Of a scoundrel needing a better retort
Repeating rifles and bazookas aren’t needed
Clearly the messages of love aren’t heeded
Peace on Earth and good will to all
Seems an order that is much too tall
But it’s got to be and today’s when to start
Let’s making army battles a lost art
Swords into plowshares is what I say
Making all weapons go away
Yes I’m a crazy dreamer it’s true
But I think it’s the best dream, don’t you?

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