Monday, September 6, 2010

Two Paths

It is an extreme rarity
To enjoy moments of clarity
Knowing what something means
The ins outs and in betweens
Fully comprehending it all
Is a task that is much too tall
So I try to do the best I can
Listening closely to everyman
The symbols, the meanings every clue
Picking them up is hard to do
As for you
Shuffle along my friend
Hurry up you’re near the end
The pot of gold is waiting
These things are true that I am stating
You want riches love and fame
To be victorious in every game
Reach and grab and make sure you get it
Fortune will slip away if you let it
Me I want to see things clear
To understand why I’m here
I want an idea of what it’s about
At least to know something from inside out
We go our separate ways my friend
Maybe I’ll see you round the bend
You seek glory and it all it brings
I look for answers to so many things
Good luck to us both you and and me
Will finding what we seek set us free?

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