Saturday, September 18, 2010

Trust Me

Watch me
The poet
Chronicler of my times
Telling of the loves and hates
Failures and success
As the wheels go round and
Into the ground
I stop for nothing
For my passion is to tell
Let you know what is and
What isn’t
Many lies distort the realities
Many deceptions coat the meanings
You’ll look and see what’s not there
I will point to what is and
Tell you why
If I can
Using words of truth
Unveiling the hidden
The authentic
Separating it from the
Misty clouds of creative fabrications
The obtuse, the unminded and
The unreal
Listen close to the sounds of
Nothing being made into something 
I the poet hear it
I tell of it and
You must unravel the mystery of the words I use
For you are not without responsibility
If it is worth it to understand 
It is worth it to try
Don’t just swallow and digest
Chew my friend chew
The poet provides nourishment
So please don’t swallow whole
The fibs of prevaricators
Heed instead the poet

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