Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sabbatical, Computer, Olga

When I returned from sabbatical
The page on my computer was still loading
I went to a hockey game
The page loaded
It was not worth reading
I clicked out and the computer crashed
Everything on my hard drive
Was killed by a virus
I got a massage from a willowy Swedish woman
Named Olga
I was relaxed but still needed
A new computer
Damn it
I wanted to order one on line
But absent a working computer
I couldn’t
So I asked Olga to take me to the store
I bought a new computer
And picked up fruit at the produce store
Olga made dinner
I checked my email
It was all spam
Olga rebuffed my advances
Now I was tense again
Time for another sabbatical
But first I wanted to surf the web
I have an interesting life
Trade me?

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