Monday, September 27, 2010

Reach For It

You must be prepared to reach into the void
There will be fear and hesitation
But you must do it
For out of the nothingness you can summon
What is required to truly live
A rich and meaningful
Don’t shy away for the enormity of the task
You’ll likely not fall into the abyss
Instead you will grasp that wonderful and horrible fruit
Don’t stop yet
Bite into it
No, don’t just taste, devour it
This must become part of you
Mixing with who you are to create 
Who you ever will be
The alternative is an awful thing to contemplate
Living a half life
Slavishly devoted to elaborate lies
Dedicating your time to mindless tasks
And to a vapid culture
No, no, this is not for you
You must roll up your sleeves young friend
There’s no time to be shy
The time you have is to be lived
Now go
And exceed your grasp

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