Sunday, September 5, 2010

I Confess to Some Confusion

I rhymed again
What’s the point
Did this make it more fun
Or was I trying to impress
And you
What was your role in this
I confess to some confusion
This bit about rhymes
Why you act so about it
What difference does it make
When the meaning doesn’t change
There I did it
You happy now
Where is this all going, anyway
What do you want of me
Why do these words matter so
What manner of self expression
Can be so bloody important
That you do this to yourself
I mean me
That’s right
You do it to me
For we are different people
Not the same at all
You may live here within my brain
(He’s insane!)
But I have a separate life
Not related to you and 
Madness about rhyming
(In I’m chiming)
So let’s all let it be and go on
About our lives
We’ve got so much in common
Let’s try to stay friends
You and me
And if on occasion I should rhyme
So be it
But don’t ask
It’s really none of your affair
Or mine

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