Friday, October 1, 2010

The Couple

The sad droopy little man
With big ears
And his mean mousy wife
Carrying bags of trash to the curb
Neatly tied
They puff and strain 
Though the bags seem light
They enter their cottage and close the door softly
Left out is their awful little dog who yaps at
Every sound
Content with their labors done they sit 
In front of the TV
Though it is on they do not watch
She has a magazine to read
He a newspaper
Bric a brac lines shelves where books might be
A mantle is covered with more curios
They are childless and have no family pictures
Not even of nieces or nephews
The woman rises to make tea
He offers a toothy smile as she passes
The phone rings
He answers but it is a wrong number
Soon he is asleep in his chair
The newspaper falls to the floor
She gets out her knitting and pays little attention
To the TV or his snoring
He awakens in time to make a simple dinner
They eat in silence
Content with their meal
They take the dog for a walk and
Clean up its poop
They chat with a neighbor who’s returning
From a movie
Then home to bed
Good night little ones
You did good

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