Saturday, October 23, 2010


Traveling back in time
I’m 11 years old
My wife is 12
We hold hands and fly
We sing at Vietnam War protests
Our voices rise to heaven
She’s wearing a dress and saddle shoes
I’m wearing cuffed jeans and Keds
We smell of kids playing on a warm dusty Autumn afternoon
We go to poetry readings and bob our heads 
Find a party and sniff the wisps of marijuana smoke
Invisible to all, we smile conspiratorially at one another
At the party we do a silly dance to Jefferson Airplane
I steal a kiss on the cheek
She frowns then smiles
Oh how we giggle
Holding hands we soar again
All the fantastic trippy way to a Beatles concert
We are kids, but so in love
More flying
Boo the president at a press conference
No one can hear us, but so what
We laugh at our audacity
Pet the president’s beagle, it’s in on our secret
We visit the places we’ll live in as grown ups
Just can’t relate to them now
Chewing gum and exploring each others’ eyes as we soar
Sorry we’ll have to wake up soon
But glad we’ll still be together
What a fun little trip we had
To 1965

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