Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Art of Angels

The art of angels is 
And their talents and gifts are
The rainbow laughter of happy children can
And the melodic mellow musings of cherubs will
But when the carnivorous cravings or ogres and trolls abound, you must
So looking at deadly dadaists dancing should
All of this, of course means
Yet sometimes there is
If ever there weren’t the clams of bright-eyed cobras we would
But surely there is less of nothing and more of everything than
So shouting your perceptions and pretending to sing your opinions has
I say all this with the conviction of a reformed rambling roamer of recent ravings
(Alliteration lives!)
Happy to oblige readers
If confused I refer you all to the Book of Belongings
(All new edition with updated footnotes coming next millennium)

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