Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Relax, It’ll Be Okay

Stay true to your reality
Don’t leave it for anything
It is your walking womb
Judge yourself as you’d have others judge you
See yourself through as many eyes as you can get a hold of
Know your place within your own vision
Don’t step out of what you are
Unless you’re pretending
Stay alert
Be mindful
Don’t take any chances
For god sakes hold tight
Keep a grip
See how it is, memorize it
Be the change you seek at your own risk
Don’t listen to those voices
You’ve got to be careful
It’s dangerous outside of your mind
Take pills if you need to
They’ll keep you centered
Calm you down
In fact, its very important that you don’t overthink
There are plenty of people who’ll break down the complex for you
In fact, it’s a good idea for you to watch TV
Very soothing
Lot of answers there and plenty to keep your mind “occupied”
Remember that people are judging you
Keep a mirror handy
Both a real and figurative one
Are you getting all this?
If you’re having trouble, get some help
Don’t try this alone
It’s scary out there
When in doubt just be sure to be yourself
Who you are
See how you are
And don’t worry!

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