Monday, October 4, 2010

My Voice

I heard the music of my generation
And thrilled at the glory of a new sensation
I took to the streets to loudly protest
Excited to be part of civil unrest
I read the words of great poets and writers
Glad that these artists also were fighters
I watched the films of the creative and bold
Inspired by the compelling messages they told
I listened and believed politicians promoting compassion
Their message seemed real not just of a fashion
I cheered and yelled for great athletes at play
Wishing that I could be like them some day
I was part of a movement, part of a crowd
With a voice of my own that was lusty and loud
I awaited my turn to excel and be favored
Dreams of future glory is what I savored
I grew frustrated as life passed me by
On the sidelines I sat just wondering why
I accepted my fate as an ordinary fellow
Satisfied with being happy and mellow
But now as I move on towards the end of my days
Again my own voice I want to raise
One last chance do I have to be seen and heard
I can still have a say I can still have a word
So look out for me and listen when you’re out and about
Though I am aging I’ve a message I’m anxious to tout
I’m proud of my spirit that I’ve not given in
For I’ve learned that surrendering is life’s greatest sin
Here I am, here I am, here I am, somewhat proud
I’ve still got my voice and it’s clear and it’s loud

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