Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Football Game

The long bare legs of young women
Who are wearing very short pants
Or very short skirts
Some pale, some tanned, some of darker skin
They are walking, dancing, bouncing on a warm Autumn afternoon
On their way or outside the football stadium
The middle aged man, whose daughters are of the same age or older
Can’t not look but is careful not to leer
There are so many
There are also children
And the elderly
People of all ages
Flocking to the football game
Rival colleges set to do battle on the grid iron
The middle aged man loves these Saturdays
Bands play and march
Organized cheers and chants fill the air
Long held traditions are honored
New wrinkles added in the name of money
The commercialization of amateur athletics
Yet the flow of money is not enough
Other sports must be cut
Where does all the money go?
The middle aged man grumbles at the thought
The football teams play
Passes, runs, tackles, blocks, kicks
The home side is superior and establishes dominance
This makes the air seem crisper
The musical notes clearer
The pretty girls even prettier
The setting is magnificent
An 87 year old stadium nestled in a canyon
Hills and trees ring one side
Vistas of the Bay Area the other
With the home team’s win, these views seem all the more
The more breathtaking
No breath is actually taken
More like given
Life seems richer to the middle aged man as he walks home
Especially as he watches those bare legs

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