Monday, October 18, 2010

I Miss Allard Lowenstein

I miss Allard Lowenstein
He was a politician
Murdered at age 51
Husband and father of three
Worked on Civil Rights
A leader in the anti war movement
During Vietnam
Bespectacled army vet
Inspirational, motivator, organizer
One term congressman
Widely admired by fellow liberals
Thought of him today when I saw
An item about someone named Allen Lowenstein
Allard made it on Nixon’s enemies list
(Wish I had but I was too young)
He once said “The question should be,
is it worth trying to do,
not can it be done.”
I like that
I like activists, people who are committed
Fighters for others, for causes
Not out for the money
We need more guys like Allard
Bleeding hearts
Starry eyed
Committed and caring
Dreamers who are also schemers
Hey! He had the same birthday as my Dad
Two heros of mine
I miss them both

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