Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Strong and sure
A calm sense of right
An anger towards the wrong
Still, full of fun
A lightness and joy
Keeping depression at bay
Not by denying, but by facing life as it is
Rejecting the cruel of it
Embracing its warmth
Ever curious about the undiscovered
Always seeking new truths
While suspicious of old facts
Open and awake and unafraid
Suspicious of guarantees
Embracing promises
Happy to meet those in need
Provided they can and want to be helped
Knowing when to be cautious
Knowing when to gamble
Loved, loved and more loved
A lover times ten
Healthy in body, mind and spirit
Expecting amends not apologies
Forgetting wrongs
Remembering always kindness
Never proud but always satisfied
All the things I want to be

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