Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Power of Love

Hercules you bum, you did nothing for me
Not impressed with feats of strength
I like feats of understanding
Those who dare to care impress me
The compassionate and kind
The lovers and givers are to be praised
Those builders of giant clouds of love
The erectors of throbbing phalluses of nurturing
The wet fertile receptive crescents of ummmm
We need armies of niceness thrusting and sucking peace
More beauty please -- in large desperate numbers of ooohhh
We need powerful clutches and snatches of happiness greedily grabbed at by one and all
Strongmen need not apply unless they derive their strength from the all encompassing  
love of their tribe
And only if they use it for the good of all living, loving creatures
That, brothers and sisters, is a feat of strength

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