Saturday, October 16, 2010

The State of the World

From the primordial ooze came many blessings
Clock towers, palace maids, salad dressings
As a civilization there’s much that’s great
The hockey puck, the radial tire and serving plate
We should all rejoice and say yippee
For the computer, mouse trap and teepee
Much around us is worth a cheer
Like catacombs and the fishing pier
There’s also lots of fun things to do
Bouncing, writing and playing Clue
Some of us enjoy dancing and singing
Others go to dinner when bells start ringing
Listening to comedians is very nice
Some jokes are so funny I repeat them twice
Of course there are lots of places to go
Like duck ponds, museums and the city of Bordeaux
There’s much for which we can be most grateful
It’s only a shame some people are hateful
I wish that kindness ruled the day
And instead of wars people would play
So the world is not perfect that is for sure
So for what is ailing us let’s find a cure

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