Thursday, October 28, 2010

Clarion Call

Testosterone fueled violence
Manic frenzies of flying fists
Ugly language spewed angrily
The death of calm
And of reason
Respect demanded but seldom offered
Lies, thefts and vandalism
Poor, desolate lives of repressed agony
Relief sought through artificial highs
Sex used to express desperation 
But love hides there
Compassion, dignity and grace too
The challenge is to draw it out
Mobilize the rich and powerful
(Not to mention the middle masses)
They must see the broken lives
The communities in death throes
They must be rallied to help
So many others are merely diversions
From the crying need for urban relief
How have we forgotten?
Never mind, we must remember
Care for and love our lowest
Cause them to reside on a higher plain
Give them from our bounty
Challenge the angels that they secretly are
By challenging the angels that we secretly are
Restore respect and dignity
Or we are all lost

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