Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Deep End

I’ve gone to the deep end of life
And swam back to safety
I played with fire and ran with scissors
I tripped the light fantastic then fell over myself
Lessons remain largely unlearned
It’s so easy to get lost
To not see the trees for the forrest of....
What is that forrest?
Why is it there and why do I keep trying?
Because that’s what the problem is, you see
That yearning for more
More answers
More knowledge
More of life
The search is continuous and fraught with perils unseen
Biting of the serpent's apple is only a snack
There are entire meals that we can sit down to
In the end we just devour ourselves
Eroding, eating away, decaying
The debris of the universe
But there’s never a point in quitting
The curse of being pain free is to try the painful
Wisdom begets risk
We know no other way
So be it
Dive in, dive in

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