Sunday, October 17, 2010

What Nonsense

Why are tables of elements periodic?
Can they not have consistency?
Regularity is a good thing
Just ask your bowels
A word, by the way, that rhymes with vowels
I quite fancy them in conjunction with
I also like reading the works of Thomas Wolfe
Who was human and not in a pack
Which is something you do before a trip
Unless its the kind where you fall down
The other Fall is a season
But not one for cooking meat
Which as a vegetarian I never do
A word, mind you, that is a homophone of dew
I do not refer there to a gay telephone
Not that I would tell a phone anything at all
And that’s all I wrote
(Except for this rather long parenthetical bit
which could amuse and bemuse if I ever manage
to get to the point which is unlikely given that I have
Actually that reminds me of a funny story 
That could serve as an addendum 
To what I’ve written so far
And in fact would be but now I’ve forgotten the story
Something about punctuation and sentences
Or being sentenced to punctuate
Maybe a semi colon was involved
Or a quarter colon 
Or an intestinal one
(Took a lot of guts to write that)
Anyone mind if I stop now?
Yes, I’m presupposing that someone has read this far
Or that far
Far be it from me to presume
Or exhume
Or resume
I best be off now.....

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