Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Life in Any Lane

Obese woman downtown eating an ice cream cone
Scruffy looking git buying a 7-11 hot dog
Headline reads: “GOP Blocks Don’t Ask Bill” because freedom and equality are just things we give lip service to in this country
Angry bearded man cussing at no one, all of us
Lady complaining to bus driver about the dissolution of the family
Young people dropping their trash on the sidewalk
No new taxes, the politicians promise, crumble infrastructure, crumble
Woman says: “in my family if you mess with one of us, you done messed with all of us” you go girl
Crowded subway train, kid takes up two sets so that he can stretch
Class sizes in urban schools bulge as budget crunch impacts schools
Middle aged man leers at a high school girl
Local bus line cuts service, mostly elderly and handicapped effected
Blasting car radio disrupts a prayer
Opposing sports fans cuss at one another
People stand in doorway chatting blocking others from entering/exiting
Holocaust denier wants to lead tours of Auschwitz, no word on whether 9/11 denier wants to lead tour of ground zero
Eric Hoffer once said that “it is easier to love humanity as a whole than to love one’s neighbor.”  
Boy Howdy.

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