Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy Hour

Roaring bellowing drunk
Inhospitable whirling
Slurring not just words but thoughts
Bliss O happy elated merry joyous song
Spitting angry desperate rage
Bleary eyed and bleary minded
A sodden body
Copious sentences of nonsense
Vows loudly proclaimed
Soon forgotten
Hugs and kisses proffered
None accepted
Desires aplenty
Lacking the means to attain them
Heavy breath approaching a snort
Sonorous wild retching fuming
Hysterical laughing
Tripping falling rising awkwardly
Deadened brain wakening occasionally to spout
Stuff and nonsense and no sense to the stuff
On the verge of crisis careening towards disaster
Managing always that somehow of surviving
Finding bed
Sleep easily loudly deeply
Awaken to the sounds of armies marching within the brain
The body feeling as if trampled by armies
Armies everywhere and all battles lost
Deep darkness of mood
Gripping regret tearing at the psyche
Wallet depleted
Remorse so powerful as to sag the body
Never again never again never again
Until tonight
First round’s on me

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