Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Elegy for an Inner City

Clashes at midnight
Strife in the streets
The bright glaring color of danger
Illusory hopes dashed by ugly realities
No way for some to crawl back from the abyss
Their dreams crumbled up into slimy decaying little wads
Escape is momentary and only creates more hunger
Flying fists and gunshots define lives forever
Permanent scars from deadly hates born of raging loss
The epic tumble of cities into quiet nightmares
Hollow words from officials do nothing to soothe or change
Flowery orations from holy men fill voids but soon evaporate
The dead do not rise
The wounded heal in body but not in soul
A sunny day suggests hope
But today replicates yesterday as it will tomorrow
Still we push on
Ever determined that our small efforts will make a difference
Without this conviction there is no hope
The human spirit is indomitable
Without it...cities are so much junk

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